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12pcs/bag Knee Pain Relief Patch

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Are you suffering from any knee pain or discomfort? There are many people who have suffered knee joint problems. The symptoms may vary depending on the problem. Having knee joint problems will have trouble to walk properly. Therefore, it is quite important to protect the knee. Countless exercises and creams must have been recommended to you that didn't work, but, they're still one thing you haven't tried.

Our Knee Pain Relief Patch is an all-natural herbal knee patch that offers effective pain relief for joint pain commonly caused by arthritis, inflammation, injury, or occupational reasons.

Made With All Natural
🌿 Herbs and Ingredients!

It uses therapeutic organic herbal ingredients, wormwood, known for reducing joint pain. The herbs on each patch penetrate the joint targeting the pain and give off a warming effect to reduce aching for up to 12 hours! A natural and immediate pain relief method that can be performed at home without any medication or surgery!


  • Effective pain relief for joint pain.
  • Herbs penetrate directly to the joint and give a warming sensation that calms the inflammatory cells.
  • Each patch provides relief from pain for up to 12 hours.
  • 100% natural herb formula ensuring no side effect.
  • Ergonomically designed patch to fit the shape of the body area such as knee, shoulder, neck, and ankle.
  • Simple and quick pain relief solution for home without visiting the rheumatologist, doctor, therapist or any medication/injection.
  • Easy to apply within seconds.

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