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Steam Hair Straightener

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When a straight and smooth hairstyle is your preference, but your hair is overly dry or damaged, you’ll desire something nourishing to heal it fast and make it look healthier. Well, a Steam Hair Straightener can be such a nourishing solution to meet your desire.

Straighten With Steam For Healthy, Shiny & Moisturized Hair!

The Steam Hair Straightener has ceramic tourmaline heating plates that allow for the heat to be evenly distributed along your hair to get the bone straight look. In addition, it is infused with ionic technology, which reduces the likelihood of your hair is frizzy. Hence, it will last longer.

The plates are coated with Nano-silver technology. This ensures that the hair strands glide through the iron smooth to give the sleek finish.

The steam iron comes with a detachable reservoir or tank that you should fill with water only. The manufacturers recommend only pouring water into this container. While the iron is in use and clamped onto your tresses the water is sprayed onto your hair to activate steaming your hair bone straight. In addition, there is a temperature controller that goes to a maximum of 200 degrees.


  • IONIC FUNCTION: As this straightener comes with the ionic function, you are left with frizz-free and straight hair. The negative ions get distributed across your hair and help reduce the static electricity in it.
  • LED SCREEN: Equipped with an LED screen, this straightener allows you to see when the straightener is on and the temperature you have chosen for your hair.
  • 5 TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: With 5 temperature settings, this straightener lets you pick the one which is apt for your hair type. For thin and finer hair you can use a lower heat setting, whereas for thick and curly hair a high heat setting will be appropriate.
  • STEAM FUNCTION: The steam function helps add moisture to your hair and at the same time keeps your hair smooth and shiny by leaving the cuticle layer locked. This makes your hair frizz-free and leaves you with salon-like tresses. You can pick the right heat according to your hair type.
  • WATER RESERVOIR: Equipped with a water reservoir, this straightener allows you to use the steam function on your hair with ease. All you need to do is fill the reservoir completely with water for 20 minutes of steam conditioning.
  • SWIVEL CORD: Making straightening hassle-free and easy for you is the swivel cord that prevents the wire from getting tangled.


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