Waterproof Matte Lip Gloss

Matte Lip Gloss
Waterproof Matte Lip Gloss
Waterproof Lip Gloss
Lip Gloss
Matte Lipstick
Waterproof Gloss
Waterproof Lipstick
Long-lasting Lip Glos

Waterproof Matte Lip Gloss

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Liquid lipsticks and matte finishes go hand in hand, but matte lips aren't for everyone. What makes this long-lasting formula stand out (aside from the fact that it lasts 12 hours) is its metallic finish. With this Waterproof Matte Lip Gloss, you get the shiny look of a gloss with the long-wear of a lipstick.

The pigment of a lipstick, but glides like a lip gloss. Move over regular lipsticks, the liquid lipstick is here to stay.

With this gorgeous waterproof, long-lasting lip gloss, you can get a high pigmentation matte finish with a simple swipe!

The waterproof matte lipstick envelops your lips with vibrant color that lasts up to 12 hours.



  • SAFE & NON- TOXIC: The Waterproof Matte Lip Gloss will help you Complete Your Fierce and Fabulous Look without side effects! It is 100% safe and nontoxic as it’s formulated with high-quality mineral ingredients that keep your lips soft and well moisturized.
  • WATERPROOF, MATTE, & LONG-LASTING: This gorgeous Waterproof gloss is perfect for any event as it comes with a variety of full and vivid matte colors, including this velvet that can make your lips look charming and last up to 12 hours. The Lip Gloss’s formula is water-based and durable, which means you can eat and drink at ease!
  • A LIP GLOSS AND A MOISTURIZER: This lip gloss can also function as a lip moisturizer. It is made of healthy ingredients that moisturize, nourish, and condition your lips.


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